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20+ Years of Experience As a Handyman

Our knowledge, skills and service experience make your next project an easy one to complete.

Because we specialize in residential home repairs, we have a higher rate of proficiency for our handyman service based on our dedication.

Switches, Outlets & Fixtures - Installation & Repair
Ceiling Fans, Doors, Windows, Lighting, TV's, Appliances
Repairs & Maintenance
Painting, Renovation, Cabinets, Carpentry
Bath & Kitchen Plumbing
Faucets, Fixtures and Pipes - Repair & Replacement


Bonded, Insured, Licensed and Locally Owned. Chicago Handyman Pro is a divison of (Des Plaines, Il).


Call to schedule your repair or consultation. Our business hours are 8am-7pm Monday through Sunday.

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We want to win your business & maintain your trust for a lasting relationship. Our prices won't ruin your wallet.

Faucet leaking..getting hard to turn off + outlet and 2 light switches needed replacing. Job well done!!

Angela Lee, Mom

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Mick Neil, Landlord

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